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Shadow Recruitment

In the sidelines of my new role (started about a month ago), I am spending a small amount of time trying to find the right people for the jobs that we’re encountering. It is actually a good micro-challenge, and must frustrate the life from folks who do it every day. It is like recruiting from the shadows.

Part of the game is knowing when somebody is useful; but more important is staying impartial, and making sure I think about why they would be a poor choice. Then you have to spin the position around and think about all the other ways that the fit might fail; all while staying positive on the options and leading yourself to a positive outcome.

Kind of staying conservative, and at the same time positive.

Part of it is thinking of my current network of people in new ways, or even odd friends and partners. Traditional business connections are good, but I think there is also a huge capacity pool in thiking about the kids, partners, mates of people too. I guess this is networking 101, but I’ve never thought of it like this.

I’m seeing opportunities for Business Analyists, .Net Developers, technical Administrators, general consultants, project managers, and all sorts of odd stuff. Many of them are shorter placements, where my employer is seking to assist a current client to fill a capacity gap. But then a person with a steady personality and common sense will be an asset to anyone. Darn good problems to solve, and everyone can go home happy.

So don’t be shy if you happen to read this and know of folks (not that may folks raed this yet) – I’m tempted to start my own little clack book of folks who are smart and keen.

PS – We’re in Melbourne, Australia. Sorry you non-aussie folks, unless you’re in town.


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