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I bet you can’t get an iPhone 4 this week

GizMag blog has some amazing information for the Mac nuts out there, even if you’re an anti-Mac nut its impressive. The iPhone v4 USA sales are totally beyond reason, in the order of 1.7 million units in 3 days. Yup, that is iCrazy. Think about how many that will be in the first month alone. If the iPad sales are anything to go by, the demand will not seriously decline for at least a few weeks, probably months.

image of iphone 4

Like the monolith in 2001...monkey go nuts

OK, even if the figure is inflated it puts a solid end to any speculation of the sales being low, or that Apple’s product demand are anything less than on the increase. Android users might be, and all non-touch non-graphical interface phones are a thing of the past.

Despite a range of well publicized hardware problems, including yellow areas on screens, poor antenna design and an overly fragile shell, Apple moved a whopping 1.7 million units of the new iPhone 4 in just three days after its launch on June 24. – Quote and image from GizMag

Gadzooks, that is a lot of hardware, and an insane amount of people in lines waiting to get their hands on the newest of toys.

The v4 iphone looks different so is easy to differentiate from other devices, which is clever – as it will be the iconic geek-chic device for a few months. Lets face it though, these people are also the early adopters who will suffer through any production issues, software glitches, and every other aspect of getting the newest toys first, before they’re ready for consumption by the “non-geek” unwashed masses.

I want one (a lot), but will wait till they are shipping regularly to Australia, and I can get one without standing in the street.


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