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Cool App Charles HTTP Proxy

Using the Charles the HTTP Proxy, you’ll Monitor, Reverse-proxy and generally get your inner geek on!

I like the sound of this app from a pure networking and dev perspective. Seeing that traffic is seldom useful on a daily basis, but the days when you need it – holy crap it is handy. Many years ago the company I worked for was in an argument with a client on who was causing the app to be slow, and an app like this would have been the smooth ticket through a stack of network admin rubbish.

Charles is a web proxy (HTTP Proxy / HTTP Monitor) that runs on your own computer. Your web browser (or any other Internet application) is then configured to access the Internet through Charles, and Charles is then able to record and display for you all of the data that is sent and received.

In Web and Internet development you are unable to see what is being sent and received between your web browser / client and the server. Without this visibility it is difficult and time-consuming to determine exactly where the fault is. Charles makes it easy to see what is happening, so you can quickly diagnose and fix problems.

Feature list from the web says:

  • Records all traffic between your browser and the Internet
  • Reveals the contents of all requests, responses, cookies and headers Supports SSL and HTTPS
  • Saves valuable time
  • Simulates slower internet connections
  • Download statistics
  • Configurable
  • find and eliminate bugs

Paid app starting at USD$50 per seat, but you can try it for 30 days free.


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