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Reaching Agreement Website Award

I’m chuffed to find out that the Reaching Agreement website project of mine (while with Areeba in Melbourne) from a little while ago was an award winner of a national technology prize at the National Multicultural Marketing Awards.

Reaching Agreement Website Logo

The website is a multi-language video website that provides advice for people seeking to resolve and avoid disputes in their neighbourhoods. Video coaching is available in seven community languages – Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Vietnamese as well as Australian Sign Language.

Mr Kerkyasharian commented “For many newly-arrived migrants, dealing with government can be intimidating. Whether this is due to language barriers or personal experience in the home countries, it can make seeking assistance from much-needed government services, like those available to assist in dispute resolution, difficult.

“The Reaching Agreement website directly addresses this issue through the video medium by putting a friendly and open face to dispute resolution services.

“It acknowledges that language differences can be a barrier to effective dispute resolution, and offers site visitors simple and effective solutions to enable them to resolve disputes with people from any cultural, professional and socio-economic background.

“This is a fantastically practical use for the techniques of multicultural marketing. I commend those public servants involved in creating this Reaching Agreement website highly for their ingenuity and their humanity,” he concluded.

I left the company just before the project went live, and was so overwhelmed by the new job that I missed the buzz.

Congratulations to the Areeba team (Dan, Kirsten, Matt, Eric), the ADR project team (Adam, Glenn); and especially to the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria and the Appropriate Dispute Resolution Directorate for having the vision to support an initiative like this.

Darn happy day today.


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