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SugarSync Quick Review

After trialling SugarSync upon the recommendation of a tech-friend, I was impressed enough to do a quick review.

The SugarSync app is an online file storage, file sharing, and file sync service. Ideal for when you have a set of files that are constantly updated, which you want to use “offline”, but wish them to be kept safe somewhere and also always updated to each other.

Essentially this is the best app for file sharing and sync that I have used. It is as reliable as DropBox, has a better app and web interface, better integration for PCs which have troublesome firewall and port rules (such as work machines), and has versions for iphones and pretty much any OS, and a web interface as a reliable fallback.

The free version has a file limit of 250mb, and then fee based expansions of the maximum data that can be kept in sync. As a basic use, the free limit is more than enough for a basic set of documents.


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