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iPad2 has me convinced

photo of ipad 2 side-on

Its like hard candy for geeks

A while ago we (meaning myself and other folks who dislike being early adopters) were looking forlornly at our friend’s ipads. I felt like I was doing something wrong when I picked up an iPad in the early days, the need to buy one was so great. However I did not want to once again buy a hardware device and be left holding a piece of dead tech in 18 months. I’ve owned a Clie organiser, a range of phones, and so many desktops and laptops that now I’m convinced that a hardware supplier has to at least get to a generation two (hey lets call it 2.0 to be funky) of a product before its worth spending anything.

And now I’m doomed – because the iPad2 is just that. It is smaller, faster, and does the same basic job as the original. You win Apple, consider it sold. I’ll be getting one soon after they are released in Australia, and I’ll be a drooling fanboy for the technology for a few weeks until my wife takes the ipad2 as her laptop replacement.

Then I’ll be pondering buying another.


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