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MS Wants IE Dead too

graphs on ie6 count downUnsurprisingly Microsoft wants IE6 as dead as much as the rest of us do. They’ve launched an information site called IE6 Count Down, which gives a brief rundown of why, some nice looking stats, and a link to IE9. Well I’d prefer anything over IE6, even IE9.

The site includes ways of adding banners, the standard “why you should move” type information, and some nice rounded edges and good presentation.

Overall a good job that is presentable to both business users and the general public. Design wise I think they have hit a happy medium that works.

It may not help, but this is direct evidence to use in dicussion with organisations who are still using IE6 as part of their standard s.o.e. (standard operating environment – a geek term for the controlled hardware and software rolled out in large companies).

However it might not change much, given that the very organisations which often have mandated environments to use older software are usually not happy about being behind, but are limited by budget and size. Rolling out Firefox to a 30 person network is easy and on your desktop its simple, yet changing away from IE6 for 1200 seats in a hospital is much harder. Basically impossible until something breaks dramatically from what I’ve experienced.

Time will tell. Fingers crossed.


2 responses to “MS Wants IE Dead too

  1. Fatoomch March 7, 2011 at 10:48 am

    I remember the good old days when users didn’t have this kind of power. If you made a new version of an app, they had to use it because the file format had changed or just ’cause we made them upgrade. Damn the democratising effects of the Internet.

  2. typhoonandrew March 7, 2011 at 10:51 am

    Thats the dry stuff – take away their choices and they’ll be happier. An interesting counterpoint, but can you balance the need for version supprt with the need for the organisation to be able to keep the doors open?

    The stats are skewed well away from IE6 and old browsers; so perhaps we just forget them…professionally?

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