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IE9 Released, but is it really beautiful?

MS released the official IE9 site with the URL of “The Beauty of the Web”, which contains information and videos for those who wish to learn about how much better IE9 is.

The content shows some folks commenting on how fast, easy, and altogether wonderful it is, which is to say the creators have pop’ed in nothing which is really inspiring, but have done a good basic launch for the broader community. If you’re a non-web literate person and you view this site, I think they’d be interested in changing over  – so it makes sense.

The nav elements are good, and the “social” links are prominent – which really feels like the point when you look at the site. Kudos for putting the dev link in there, thats a brave and useful thing to do.

However I’ll be staying away initially while they work out all the release issues, perhaps even until a SP1 is released. I just don’t see enough value in moving browsers, or even upgrading while what I have is working (insert old age comment here – heh)

Who knows – this might be the software release that goes without a hitch and is an instant hit. Its got to happen some time for some dev house, even just with the laws of randomness.

A major flaw to my first viewing of the site was needing to download an additional component to view some of the content liked from the main ad panel, and I was utterly unimpressed with the way it streamed the video using firefox…but hey, its not like you’d expect it to play well with a major competitor browser. To hit a wide audience make the content as viewable as possible for pity’s sake.

Oh, and the site icon is just ugly, they should cut that straight away and stick to something which does not make me think there is a bug (next old man joke? probably).

The site is just asking for a sneering geek to make comment or a spoof-version, but all in all, as you’d expect; and pretty sure it get the result from the targeted audience.


  • I’m disappointed that it won’t run on older an OS like Windows XP. In terms of getting penetration across the market that is just silly. When you try to install you’retold about the benefits of Winsdows 7 and Vista. Thank you Microsoft but I know all I wish to know about Vista, its a piece of junk. Windows 7 is far better, but not an option for me, and not an option for a long time in many client organisations I see, which is where the IE6 problem still exists.
  • Why not have a slimline version for depreciated hardware / OS, if you’re serious about getting rid of IE6&7?.
  •  A first impressions comment on the UI, from HackSparrow.

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