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FireFox 4 is released, but is it stable?

After all the posts about IE’s new version recently across the Internet, the friendly people at the Firefox factory have released version 4 of their browser into the world. Details are spreading prolifically, and it seems that the speed crunch which affected earlier versions of Firefox (to the point where at work IE was a better option) has been greatly improved.

Now if I remember the IE vs FF battlelines from many years ago we were all comparing features. Now it seems that both browsers have basically the same set of features (like you’d bloody hope) and are now touting the speed of the browser as the main difference. This is fine but I’d like to see a different metric used as the baseline for the browsers, that of stability.

Stability is hard to measure, as it is dependent on so many other factors of the computer which the browser may not be in direct control of. System resources can greatly affect it, other apps, silly plug-ins, extra fab toolbars, and all the other junk that get loaded onto a PC can make the measure hard.

So my plan and advice to the internet is to wait until we see some stability measures, and then go nuts. I was already running a beta so have little to lose by upgrading, but for others I’d say wait a week and install after we’ve seen a bit of fall out.

Cheers and happy browsing.

Ref: LifeHacker’s review



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