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The US Cyber Command logo is geeky cool

The “United States Cyber Command” logo contains a secret code, which when decrypted gives the organisation’s mission statement. I love this, Dan Brown has nothing on this.

It’s a little like old news as the code was cracked in Jul 2010; but the dept created their logo with a secret message within it which was then thrown to the crypto communities to see if they could nut it. And of course it was done in record time (see the Wired link below for more info). What is most apparent to me is how suitable the idea is to the nature of geeks and hackers. Here is a group that is tasked with providing strategies and defence against cyber incidents, which could easily start or become outwardly stodgy and tired, but instead is considering the culture of the communities they will interact with in their icon design. Kudos to them for doing so; they cared enough about what they are dealing with to put this onto the organisation’s symbol.

True Geeks must be in charge. As further evidence the coat of arms contains two swords clashing, a lightning bolt, and a key. That feels like the guy running the place a DnD Dungeon Master, and his communications folks must all be trekkies or some other variant of geek folks – and I just best they meet every second Friday for a rousing game of Ticket to Ride.

Federal Computer Weekly, and Wikipedia have good summaries of what the organisation is about and what they might be looking into, and the Wired article is where I heard about the cool crypto message in the first place.

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Happy hacking, um – maybe…

seal of the us cyber command


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