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Breaking Windows passwords with OphCrack

What do you do when all record and memory of a password is done for a Windows install, but the information on the PC is important?

If you’re a non-technical person you call one of us nerd types and we spend hours fudging a solution. In years past this job was painful, and often fruitless. Best quick effort I used to make was to rip out the hard disk, and attach to another system s I could scrape the file off onto a portable drive.

No longer. Now the solution is to use the OphCrack tools, which basically make cracking a windows password a total cake walk.


Cost: Free. Open source from Sourceforge.

The steps were:

  • Download the OphCrack Live CD .iso (approx 450mb)
  • Burn the .iso to CD
  • Boot form that CD
  • Write down the passwords after it extracted them
  • Reboot and login like we knew the passwords all along

Frigg’n amazing. No corruption, no mess.

I also had to grab a free Iso burning app, and chose CDBurnerXP which did the job perfectly too. All it took as a little time digging for the right tool, and then following the instructions. It took me more time to find a blank CD and case in the office than to hack the passwords. Thats crazy good.

Happy hacking, and forget your passwords at will folks.


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