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Update on Transit experiences

After my last post about having such a poor transit service in Melbourne, there have been a couple of updates worth posting…to complete my whine about the service. It is not all bad after all.

One – A letter of Response

A response from the Minister for Transport arrived via email. To his credit the minister responded with a letter to my email about the service in good time and a polite manner. It was fairly boiler-plate in nature (which I respect) and promised to improve the service as part of an ongoing service improvement strategy. Now you cynical folks will note that the letter is an easy response. I take a different view.

Committing to a letter might be the default action, but it also presents that somebody at least has thought about the response. I have no doubt that it has aspects of a canned response within it, but I also like the fact that they bothered. Some (poor soul) had to read my email and decide that it was more than spam.

They did the right thing, and that is worth a few points.

Two – The service is a little better.

Perhaps somebody got kicked in the backside, or whatever was destroying the system’s performance has been replaced or improved; as the trains seem better now. They are by no means perfect, but I’m not seeing  a late or cancelled train every few days, which is what I was experiencing on the Sandringham line for a few weeks.

Three – So efficient, they’re leaving early. Wait, what?

A small gripe I have is that trains seem to arrive just as the next hop you want is departing. This means that people (silly folks) like me will run for the connecting train. Invariably you finish on the other platform, out of breath, and staring at the passengers slowly departing. Can’t help that too much.

What got me raving last week was when a train left early. the clock on the wall and my watch both said the train had another minute to depart, yet it slid away gracefully, taunting me with the idea that somebody else is getting home early. Sod ’em.

Anyway I’ve had enough of trains, and will be curtailing the further posts until something truly amazing happens. Till then I promise to myself to keep my iPod playing, walk calmly, and enjoy – rather than crunching though terminals at break neck pace. I hope it works.


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