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Hotmail assists your hacked friends

hotmail logo envelope

Security on webmail comes down to the user

It is odd when a web based email service has to add a “my friend was hacked” feature. A blog from the Hotmail team and Dick Craddock announces it, gives an overview of this feature, and a short explanation of how it works.

It is actually a good idea to help get onto hacked accounts sooner, and also perhaps help the detection and removal of the accounts where this is easy to do. Good to that Hotmail are doing something to deal with the problem.

I’d argue that most webmail systems could do with something like this, as we’ll see better and better hacking across all the providers the Gmail users should not get too cocky about the poor Hotmail users. Despite all its flaws (which have probably been addressed since I last used it years ago) the hotmail system has been running for a very long time.

Nothing will be a better measure than actually not using passwords that are easy to hack, and like you’d expect the article includes the obligatory default messages about password complexity and all that good security info. Nice little feature Hotmail, well done.


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