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Great task app: Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk logoBetween waiting for a company based task management system, and not having a shared list between my work desk, home lappy, and iphone – I needed a solution for list management.

I wanted something that I could update when a thought or action was give to me straight away, something that I could re-sort and change quickly, edit on the fly, and would remind me based upon priorities and actions.

I found Remember the Milk.

It is darn simple, has some nice features, supports almost every platform you can think of, and is free for the basic version. And free is plenty if you’re using it every few days.

The feature I’m going to play with next is sharing a list with somebody (so they can add/edit) and publishing a list (so they can view only). This seems like a crazy-8s fantastic way for me to know exactly what we need to buy when I get to the super market – as both my wife and I could update the same list.

A darn good app, and totally nerd worthy.


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