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The New iPad, sorry which?

Like many other tech-internet-geek types recently, I lined up and purchased a new iPad. My very quick review is that these are great devices.

If you browse or check email often, but don’t actually create much, the iPad is great; and the new unit is the best unit by far.

That said, if you already own an older iPad, then its probably not worth the upgrade cost. These are good, but not world changing by comparison. It is certainly less of a feature and quality jump between the first iPhone and the 3g version. So grab one. I’m loving mine. And like many geeks I have been fully indoctrinated into the cult of mac, where I use their resplendent and functionally limited tool-sets to  manage my “digital life”.

Digital Life… I hate that term, and terms like it.

I really wished to call this blog post “Monkeys with Typewriters“, as a side reference to Douglas Adams with his view of creating Hamlet, and the consummate skill he had as a writer in creating sarcastic and satirical observations on life. Why?

Well the new iPad is something that could be borne from his wonderful mind; well the marketing and spin-doctoring of the device, not the device itself . The choices we* make in naming devices, platforms, software, and products are staggering poor. I have blogged about poorly selected terminology and naming before, and the New iPad is a far stranger example that I would have thought up. Seriously, it is borked when you think about it.

It feels like one of the “no really?” type names. The bloody wii was bad enough, and I’d rate the New iPad as an even worse choice.

This is a new device, in a product range which had used elegant and simple product identifiers, and then threw all that wonderful sleek naming out the window. Product name + Version is a solid and understandable choice for a consumer. Kids to grandparents all understand how v1, v2 and v3 relate to each other.

    • …: iPad, then iPad2, then The New iPad. This new name is just wrong.
    • or: iphone, iphone2, iphone3, iphone3s, iphone4.

The choice to call the intermitent upgrade of the iPhone the 3s was an ok choice given how much of a side-grade the update was. Why on earth not repeat the already broken naming convention? A new one, is just odd.**

It makes me wonder what the next iPad will be called when released:

  • the “new new”, “very new”, “iPad3 finally”, “the next ipad”… “the semi-penultimate iPad”.
  • the “wood-duck”, in a move to pay homage to snow-leopard.

If I told you that the product you are considering is “new and improved”, it also tells you that the current range is old and inferior…  And that is good if you are trying to sell a replacement product to the same audience every 2-3 years. maybe that was the driver.

The iphones will continue to roll out from Apple every 18-24 months, as that keeps a very healthy revenue stream going. I’m really looking forward to what the next iPad is called, Apple have a great opportunity to again out satire Mr Adams, and my hunch is that they’ll do it well.

Yes, I am pointing fun at Apple and the choice, but I really don’t mean harm. Apple please don’t turn off my remote storage, err apple-me, ah.. iCloud. I’d be lost without it. *cough*

* = Meaning the folks who work in the tech/web industries.

** = odd, but it does create blog posts, confusion, and discussion. Clever?


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