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Clever gmail hack – mark spam as read

A small part of the Gmail interface bothers me – that of showing the Unread count on the spam content. Fortunately it also bothered Mathew Gallant, who came up with a filter neat trick to mark all spam as read. This has the advantage of using Gmail’s in-built tools rather than an add-on or some such. I really recommend this filter.

His recommendation:

A closer look into Gmail search semantics revealed that I could use the keywords “in:spam” to refer to the all messages in my spam folder. Knowing this, I set up the following filters:

  • Has the words: in:spam
  • Doesn’t have: my name, my school, my work, etc.
  • Do this: Mark as read

This filter simple and efficiently hides all new spam messages, while still alerting me when potential non-spam messages have been blocked. If you’re as fussy as I am when it comes to Gmail, I hope that this little trick comes in handy.

When I used it I skipped the second step (which is the same step by step here), as I’m happy to check Spam every now and then to find lost items, and frankly not overly bothered if I miss a message which is spam-ish in flavour.


One response to “Clever gmail hack – mark spam as read

  1. Vernet Loïc (@C0il) December 17, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    Cool, I was searching for that two. Thanks. See you. 😉

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