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I’m a fan of Unsubscribe Now

I’m a fan of useful and clear functions, especially in marketing campaign emails. As such here is a quick rant about how to facilitate Unsubscribe in email marketing.

In short – I love it when an email message contains single click Unsubscribe. Even better when it also contains options to change my preferences without remembering passwords, logins, or asking me to jump through hoops.

A single click unsubscribe is fast when you want to use it, makes it clear that the organisation is (likely) thinking about the user when they send the email, and it provokes a reaction in me where I am likely to stay on that mailing list because I know I can quit at any time.

Conversely I have an option in my email program (gmail) that offers me the choice when a company does not – its called the MARK AS SPAM button. Click, and you’re gone. Forever.

Let the email marketeers ponder which they’d prefer. My choice is easy.

ps. thanks to the fine folks at 10collective who do this well in their email communications. Their mesage prompted this mini-post, so they deserve a back-link as credit.


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