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Lenovo CEO gives away $3m bonus to workers

English: Lenovo logo 日本語: Lenovo ロゴ

Wow. Lenovo’s CEO has given away a massive annual bonus to his own lower tier workers. That is an impressive display of charity particularly because it is the equivalent of a month’s salary for these workers. It will generate some marketing buzz. Yes, he is still paid an insane amount of money, but this guy has at least this once demonstrated that a CEO can share.

Add to this that a recent Fair Labor Association report pegs the monthly wage for Chinese factories to be, on average, between $354 and $450. If one of these workers received a piece of that distributed bonus money, it’d be essentially like gifting them a month’s wages. Lenovo reported a 73 percent bump in net profit from the previous fiscal year so there’s certainly goodwill to go around.

If nothing else, perhaps this will restore a bit of our faith in humanity after other horrors so recently committed.

Generosity should always be praised.

via Lenovo CEO Receives $3,000,000 Bonus, Gives Away to Employees | Geekosystem.


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