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I like Gmail even more with advanced search

Gmail is a better email provides than most of the other free webmail options around, but folks still have issues. Yesterday I was trying to find a specific purpose and I realised that I’d never used any of the advanced search options.

e.g: from:andrew has:attachment – will find all emails from Andrew where there was an attachment.

Now that I know what they are I’ll be using them all the time. They make Gmail great. Some highlights are:

  • from:{name}
  • to:{name}
  • has:attachment, is so darn good for finding that lost file sent to somebody who you also trade 1000s of emails with
  • OR – where the or must be in caps
  • filename:{nameOfFile.txt}
  • after:{date}
  • before:{date}

Better still you can setup filters using these rules too, so that frequent searches are easy to redo.


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