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Once again stalled by Metro

This is a rant about late trains in Melbourne, it’s more therapy for me than informational.

The Sandringham train line once again failed in spectacular style this morning with the 8.08 train being cancelled and the 8.15 expected to be 5 minutes late, at 8.20. The SMS notification service also failed to send messages all morning about any services disruption or cancellation.

When this happens the trains which do arrive are full and it is typically two to three trains later before the carriage is not over loaded and disgusting to travel on. Then as we stood on the steadily filling platform the next train times were updated to a 8.19 and then another at 8.24.

At 8.21 the first train arrived. No way I was going to get on it without crushing a few people so I stood and waited for the next one.

Given we had 2mm of rain the night before I should have expected it. What really infuriates me is the platform person telling us to fill right into the train… What really? I’m glad you’re here to help.

Even better they keep blaring that warning every minute  as well as when the train arrives. The theory appears to be that the customers need to know basic travel information repeatedly, because otherwise we would cause issues. I’d suggest there was more interruption today due to late and cancelled trains and no notice through the advised services than cause by people not pushing into the train far enough.

I previously wrote an email to the minister and was assured that all measures were being taken, but I can’t accept that. Sandringham line has not gotten any better in six months. Blogging about the outage is all I can do, as I have no other method of getting to work. Essentially the train system has me at a ransom where the service can be as excellent or as poor as it pleases and I have no recourse. So instead I get a blog post going, and I’ll share it between the other frustrated writers and bloggers out there.

I laughed when I saw the related article below which indicates that Metro are now not reporting all outages on the web either.

Perhaps I need to look on the bright odd side:- When I arrived at Flagstaff Station I didn’t really know how late I was as there were no clocks around, but I saw plenty of ads for TAG watches.


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