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Geo-referencing an IP address. Is nothing sacred?

What can you learn by linking geo-referencing an IP address? Lots of stuff. Like apparently the Vatican folks might have a taste for movie screeners and porn, and that they might need a good VPN tunneling service if the continue to do this.

Found via What porn do they watch in the Vatican? – Boing Boing.

It is unfair to assume that the holy brothers are doing this, just like it is unfair to assume that you are downloading illegal material just because just because your home IP address is listed in the torrent lists. What is the likelihood of this being true? How much do we really care for the habits of the Vatican anyway? Courts have ruled that it cannot be linked in Australia, and the Vatican folks deserve the same measure of doubt. I wonder if they’ll get the same three warning my ISP gives me.

I do like the idea of a Vatican rep defending the holy folk, potentially suggesting it is visitors or hackers doing this, and that puts the point of IP based behaviour firmly in the land of moot for the rest of us mundane folk. Thanks be to god.


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