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Beautiful Rotating Skyscraper

How would you feel living in a rotating skyscraper? This proposed building in Dubai is about as strange and mythic a building I’ve seen which also is supposed to be functional.


  • each floor can rotate 360 degrees each 90 minutes,
  • controlled via voice commands by tenants,

What I love is the idea that no particular part of the building is permanently facing a cardinal direction. Our house is primarily south facing which means we get little light through it. I think if the house rotated even every week it would be an incredible change in the way we live. If this actually gets built I’d love to read commentary from the inhabitants of the building to see how the rotation was used, and what unexpected experiences they had.

Dynamic Tower

I’m a little suss on the power and mechanics needed to make this happen, especially as the floors are to be controlled independently from each other. The other odd feature is the idea of using voice commands. I get that it makes some things easier, and perhaps these will be intelligent enough to understand complex instructions.

“Rotate faster”, “Face the north”, “match the next floor”, “offset downstairs 90 degrees clockwise”…

The engineering required to do that is totally beyond me at the moment. What do you use to do that? A linked rotating core downward through the building, which is broken into segments at each floor? Each floor must be on a very structurally sound independent plate, and the torque and load limits must apply.

Can I put a grand piano and pool table out on the edge of my floor and hope that it does not tip downward over time?

Laughing Squid pointed to the article – Proposed Dubai Skyscraper Features Independently Rotating Floors Operated By Voice Command.


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