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Some iOS7 thoughts

I’ve recently taken the plunge to update from IOS6 to IOS 7, and then 7.0.2 (or whatever the patch version was to fix the security hole). The experience of doing the update was kids stuff, and worked without issue. That is not to say that my experience from that point forward has been wonderful.

Instead I’m bemused by some of the choices the designers and product managers made.

Overall – I’ll adapt and accept it. Meh.

I’d probably be happy any phone or tablet device at this stage, as long as it has the apps I regular use:

  • phone, contacts, calendar, notes, etc
  • books and pdfs without DRM lock-in
  • multiple email account support
  • browser, video/youtube, podcasts, music, camera
  • social media apps
  • maps
  • rss, weather,
  • wow auth app, and logs app
  • flashlight, calc, timers,

I think a few users will be frustrated by change, but those users are typically frustrated by most changes in tech gear. I can accept the changes as attempts to improve and move forward. By comparison I think this update is leaps ahead of most Windows OS updates in presentation and design.

As much as it makes me sound like an Apple apologist – I still like the overall features.

Presentation and Speed … (imho IOS7 looks worse and runs worse than IOS6)

  • I respect why the zoom, swish, splash, wiggle, and feint animations have been added to everything, as it might make somebody like it. I dislike it. Having my phone slow down because it is rendering a wanky animation is frustrating. I know that this all takes cpu and memory to perform so I’d prefer if there was an toggle option “Turn off the bullshit animations so the phone responds faster“.
  • the IOS7 runs slower than IOS6 on my iPhone4, and slower on my iPad2. Both devices now take longer to do the same thing. That is bullshit item #2. I can accept that the OS might be doing a lot more stuff than the previous version, and that it might be more stable.
  • Pastel icons remind me that I’ve already lived through the 80s and I didn’t like pastel colour pallets then either.
  • there should be a set of styles/skins in the phone by default that allows for the old presentation, and some options for those who want light or dark themes.

Features … (more good things were added than taken away)

  • the all new bottom swish to access some common tools is much better.
  • the calendar cannot change display style any more, which is bloody stupid. The selection is gone as far as I can tell. That means that managing my calendar has become far harder. Bad choice on a smart phone.
  • the Hi Res option for Camera images is pretty schmick, if used on the right type of photo. Good feature.
  • the slide/unlock change has no impact to me either way, its essentially the same so no impact. I find it no easier or harder.
  • the Search by slide down is better.
  • STOP asking me to connect to wifi networks all the time. Since teh update the phone “finds” networks which 10 minutes ago it’s been told to ignore.

I’m locked into Apple devices as we have three in the house and changing over is a pain. That said, I did think that it might be time to look at different options and devices after seeing this update.


2 responses to “Some iOS7 thoughts

  1. Devee October 4, 2013 at 4:32 am

    How has your battery life been? I also have an iPhone 4, and I haven’t upgraded primarily because of reports of a significantly shorter battery life.

  2. typhoonandrew October 4, 2013 at 8:17 am

    I’ve noticed that I have to be very aggressive on turning off everything now, and the battery on the 4 wasn’t great anyway.
    Another reason why a low processing/res version of the OS skin would be very handy.

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