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[Language Warning, sensitive folk will not like the words which follow…*]

While flipping through SlashDot I found a link to Programming-Motherfucker, a satirical manifesto for coders.

Programming, motherfucker!

Programming, motherfucker! (Photo credit: d0mix)

Initially I thought it was clever in a snarky “vent their frustration” kind of way. Dev folks frequently get frustrated and seeing something like this might help them keep calm and carry on.

Then I got to reading the site and it is actually be useful. At the moment it derides and talks down the tasks peripheral tasks to the coding, which is kind of a shitty approach but given the target market for developer snarkiness it is acceptable. Preaching to the converted is always easier. That said, by also providing guidance (i.e. not a manifesto, but a link list) for how to code better there is real material to be found within the questionable wrapper.

So as satire, its a good 5 second gag and might realise some value to vent frustration. As a manifesto it is not so much.

If you are a frustrated dev (or a closet try-hard frustrated dev like me) then it might be worth a laugh.

If you are looking for a jump point on how to start learning to code a language from the perspective of a developer, then this is an excellent start. My advice is to totally ignore the blunt manifesto aspect of the site and seriously look into he links and the associated technologies. There are some cool things hiding in there.

* perhaps having a warning of strong language on my blog is a little late or silly, but I can still see the trees in the forest of internet language, and sometimes it is better to say upfront that the blog content will be harsh. Especially if somebody actually click the links.


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