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SugarSync goes paid only, darn it

SugarSync has cancelled their free offering, in a similar time frame to LogMeIn. Like LogMeIn the product itself was solid, and it was tempting to pickup a paid service for SugarSync. Unlike LogMeIn though the SugarSync people actually gave a fair warning for the product going to paid only, and offered a humungous discount for the people who are singing up. I reviewed and recommended SugarSync in Feb 2011 and liked their product all this time. Unfortunately the reason I use it is not something that allows me to generate extra income, so it is harder to justify signing up for.

The free equivalent I’ve started trialing is BitCasa. They offer the same sync-a-folder option between two computers which was the key feature I liked. BitCasa offers a staggered set of storage options, including an unlimited one, which I’d be tempted to see really how “unlimited” it was, given that these things usually have some sort of cap written into the fine print.

I’ll write up the impressions of BitCasa shortly. Secretly I’m hoping I can get a few folk on it too, and up my default free storage.


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