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a bit more haiku malarkey

Here are a few more haiku, pondered while I was trundling home on the train. You sometimes go to strange places when you’re breaking the world into segments of 5-7-5. I’m not sure if there are also supposed to be titles for poems like this, so some have them and others do not.

Can I gantt this?

The office is calling
Tomorrow’s due date is past.
Deadlines are like that.

We’re always recruiting.

The office is calling
Your team is halved again.
We are here to help.

Am I a spy?

The office is calling
We know you are tired and cold.
You need to come in.


That isn’t English?
Tell me who understands you,
they’re a living saint.


Meeting tomorrow.
Work up to the 13th hour
And it’s a Friday


Servers down again.
Don’t they know it’s past midnight?
Let’s ring the PM.


Time scope cost mantra.
We meet to raise productivity.
Is that irony?


where did the time go?

You must record time,
Liar I don’t trust your times.
Are these bills correct?


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