Andrew Breese

Infrequent thoughts of a professional geek


picture of andrew - profileHey there,

My name is Andrew, and this blog is all my thoughts on topics ranging from IT professionalism, through a range of geek-ish related segways and side topics, and a never ending series of ongoing questions to eventually be resolved. As much about my journey to understand our culture as to comment about parts of it.

My journey through business and technology is a passion rather than a job. To be frank I’d be a technophile even if my day job was completely unrelated to IT, however almost everyone’s day job is now impacted by technology which makes a considered and mature approach so much more important.

The blog posts here are mainly about new technologies, the internet, social media, web culture, and books & films. These are the ways that I spend my spare time.

I welcome a healthy debate in almost everything in life. Without a little contradiction and thought it is very difficult to grow.

Let’s talk sometime soon,


One-Line Bio

A devil’s advocate who loves effective delivery and emerging tech (in that order).


Beliefs: Your focus defines your reality.
Politics: Independent thought is more important than a party loyalty. Diplomacy is better than aggression.
Humour: Light and often dry.
Goals: A creator of something special, an advocate for the next generation.
Morals: Everyone’s morals are their own, and the interplay is what makes life interesting. And of course I think mine are almost the best around.


I took a long time to get into technology professionally, and have had the pleasure of a range of jobs. After you’ve dug holes, cleaned dishes, made bread, worked a toll gate, delivered papers, sold flowers, and worked as a security guard – you get a sense that people are best spoken to honestly and directly.

After getting a start in IT as a computer technician, I moved into network administration, system administration, and then into project management and product management; and I’m now working as an Account Exec in a major Australian IT professional services company. A progression that took years and hard work along the way, but I’d change very little about the pathway.

I try to take everyone at face value and give them the opportunity to prove themselves. A lucky break for somebody can be one of the most rewarding and career defining points for an person, and rewarding for all.

Give respect to those you deal with. You can learn a lot about a person by watching how they interact with somebody who serves them. Being rude to a waiter in 2006 might come back to haunt you when that waiter is now your potential employer, a business partner, or now dating your daughter or son.

Oh, and the universe has a dry ironic sense of humour.

What am I Reading?

Everything I can.

I read blogs aggregated into an RSS feed for all news and events, and a few sites like SlashDot and SoylentNews. Not that the old ways aren’t useful and beautiful, but the digital way is just so darn handy.


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