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Clever gmail hack – mark spam as read

A small part of the Gmail interface bothers me – that of showing the Unread count on the spam content. Fortunately it also bothered Mathew Gallant, who came up with a filter neat trick to mark all spam as read. This has the advantage of using Gmail’s in-built tools rather than an add-on or some such. I really recommend this filter. Read more of this post


Guest blog at Areeba – Don’t kill your web projects

Made a guest post upon Areeba’s blog – giving some advice on how to not kill web projects.

Think of this post as the most recent things that affect PM for web projects.

I like a good list (wow, I PM who likes lists) and it was nice to take the time pondering the things that have gone strange in projects and reflect on why. More time doing that would be wonderful now and then.

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